Want to be an NBA Sports Agent? Learn the process on how to become an NBA Sports Agent with step-by-step instructions. Learn how to be successful in one of the most competitive businesses in the world. Learn how to setup your own sports agency.

The new NBA agent certification requirements include:

  • Non-refundable application fee of $100
  • Refundable 2016-2016 agent dues of $2,500
  • Degree from an accredited four-year college/university (to substitute for any year of education, an applicant may submit for consideration any relevant negotiating experience)
  • Authorization to perform a background investigation
  • Successful completion of a written proctored examination

You can submit applications from April 1st - June 1st. No early or late filings will be accepted.

The examination will cover the NBA Collective Bargaining Agreement, the regulations governing player agents and other issues relevant to player representation. It is a 50-question multiple-choice exam and has a time limit of three hours. The exam is open book and you may use your prepared notes while taking the exam.

The exam will be held once a year in September at the NBPA Headquarters in New York City. A prep course covering the exam subject matter will be held the day before the exam at the NBPA Headquarters. You are prohibited from recruiting or representing any players until you have been notified that you passed the exam.

Continued compliance with the Agent Regulations is required in order to maintain certification. Compliance includes, but is not limited to, paying an annual fee, attending the annual NBPA Agent Seminar and negotiating at least one player contract within a five-year period.

Annual dues are calculated based on the number of players an NBPA Certified Agent represented from the previous season.

  • For Agents with 0-9 players, annual dues shall be $2,500;
  • For Agents with 10-19 players, annual dues shall be $5,000; and
  • For Agents with 20 players or more, annual dies shall be $7,500.

The NBPA does not require certified agents to maintain liability insurance.

Check out www.sportsuniversity.co for more information.


John Hernandez is an NFL Agent and CEO of Agency Athlete, LLC, a full service sports agency based in New York City. John is a noted dealmaker with over 15 years of sports business experience. As a certified NFL Agent, John has negotiated millions in player contracts. John is a sports business instructor at Sports University. Follow John on Twitter @playerceo