Before I became a sports agent there was very little information available about the actual agent certification process. I really had no idea on the various certification requirements for major sports like the NFL, NBA and MLB.

So without any information, I ended up doing my own research. As a result, I had created an extensive roadmap with step-by-step instructions where I broke down the pros and cons on the sports agent certification process in professional sports.

Recently, I compiled all my research and created the most comprehensive online learning course available today about the sports agent certification process.

In our “Get your Sports Agent Certification” course we provide a general overview of the business, breakdown the requirements, outline the agent certification process for each sport, discuss sports that don’t require certification and talk about various regulations.

If you’re thinking about becoming a sports agent, then it’s important to fully understand the entire agent certification process. Our course is loaded with insider tips for you to make informed decisions in your own future sports agent career.

So before starting your own journey in becoming a certified sports agent, try our “Get your Sports Agent Certification” course to help put you on the pathway to success.

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John Hernandez is an NFL Agent and CEO of Agency Athlete, LLC, a full service sports agency based in New York City. John is a noted dealmaker with over 15 years of sports business experience. As a certified NFL Agent, John has negotiated millions in player contracts. John is a sports business instructor at Sports University. Follow John on Twitter @playerceo