When we’re interested in pursuing an athlete as a client we always check out his social media. Reviewing his Twitter, Facebook and Instagram provides us with invaluable insight. With our own clients we do an extensive social media audit that helps us plan a strategy for the future.

Social media provides a powerful medium for your client to engage and directly speak to the community. However, as we all know it also provides many challenges and pitfalls. We all hear about all the social media failures but we rarely hear about the success stories.

In our “How to Become a Sports Agent” Course we have a great lesson on how to develop a social media strategy for professional athletes. The same strategies in this lesson can be used for entertainers or even your own personal brand.

Check out the video.

John Hernandez is an NFL Agent and CEO of Agency Athlete, LLC, a full service sports agency based in New York City. John is a noted dealmaker with over 15 years of sports business experience. As a certified NFL Agent, John has negotiated millions in player contracts. John is a sports business instructor at Sports University. Follow John on Twitter @playerceo