I'm an NFL Agent with Agency Athlete. In this agent business be prepared to travel a lot to be successful. I personally target most of my recruiting efforts in SEC country.

I live in NYC and since I target the SEC, my job takes me down South a lot. This brings me to states like Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and many others throughout the year.

While my friends have jobs that take them to trips to exciting cities like Los Angeles, London and Paris. My job takes me to cities like Tuscaloosa, AL, Birmingham, AL, Oxford, MS, Jackson, MS and many small towns across the Southeast.

As a sports agent you’re constantly on the road and usually driving to places in the middle of nowhere. Though for me living in the city, it’s nice to be out in open land and see new places. So I can very much appreciate the middle of nowhere.

It’s in these places that I’ve meet some amazing people and have visited some interesting places. Like one of the best BBQ joints I’ve ever been to located in Starkville, MS. Every time I’m at Mississippi State, I definitely hit the Little Dooey.

I always wanted to document these trips to provide a real glimpse of what life on the road as an NFL Agent is all about. Most times, it's not all glitz and parties. It’s not a scene out of Ballers. It's a grind just like any other job. Especially during the month of March.

For NFL Agents, March is always a busy month. We're on the road constantly visiting our pre-draft football clients at their NFL Pro Day. This takes us to colleges across the nation to see our clients perform the various combine related drills in front of NFL scouts.

I decided to provide an inside look on the life of an NFL Agent on the road. I documented this trip on my iPhone. On this trip, I visited clients at the March 2016 Ole Miss Pro Day in Oxford, MS and then traveled to Miami, FL to visit the Florida International Pro Day.

Check out my trip.

John Hernandez is an NFL Agent and CEO of Agency Athlete, LLC, a full service sports agency based in New York City. John is a noted dealmaker with over 15 years of sports business experience. As a certified NFL Agent, John has negotiated millions in player contracts. John is a sports business instructor at Sports University. Follow John on Twitter @playerceo