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How to Become a Certified NBA Sports Agent

Want to be an NBA Sports Agent? Learn the process on how to become an NBA Sports Agent with step-by-step instructions. Learn how to be successful in one of the most competitive businesses in the world. Learn how to setup your own sports agency. The new NBA agent certification requirements...


Learn the Process on How to Get your Sports Agent Certification

Before I became a sports agent there was very little information available about the actual agent certification process. I really had no idea on the various certification requirements for major sports like the NFL, NBA and MLB. So without any information, I ended up doing my own research. As a...


How to Develop a Social Media Strategy for Professional Athletes

When we’re interested in pursuing an athlete as a client we always check out his social media. Reviewing his Twitter, Facebook and Instagram provides us with invaluable insight. With our own clients we do an extensive social media audit that helps us plan a strategy for the future. Social media...


Sports Agent Life: NFL Agent Trip to Ole Miss and FIU Pro Days

I'm an NFL Agent with Agency Athlete. In this agent business be prepared to travel a lot to be successful. I personally target most of my recruiting efforts in SEC country. I live in NYC and since I target the SEC, my job takes me down South a lot. This brings me to states like Alabama,...